Music, Dance Term 4 2016

We are learning how to:

  • Perform as a group
We will know we have been successful when we:

Lucas - Numeracy Term 4

WALT: count on or back in ones and tens

I can count on in my head
I can record the correct answer

Maths Term 3

I am learning to count up in 10s.

I will know I am successful when:
    I can name the number 10 more than
    My counting up ‘flows’


Great work!  I like the way you kept going when you reached 100.

Lucas's New Learning Environment

WALT: share our ideas on explain everything


  • use a clear voice
  • use clear photos 
  • explain your ideas 

Writing - Term 3

WALT: write about our new learning environment ideas

I will know that I am successful when I have

  • included many important words about the topic

  • Used full sentences with full stops and capital letters

  • Written detail about each idea using describing words

Term 3 - Integrated Topic

Big Idea - What changes could we make to our learning environment ?

WALT: use our green hat creative thinking to create a new learning environment 
WALT: use Explain Everything to share our ideas 

Success Criteria:
  • use clear voices 
  • use clear photos 
  • cooperate with a buddy


WALT: say our mihi and answer questions about ourselves

Music Term 2 2016

Learning Intention:
- Add up a series of musical notes
- Drawing a series of musical notes to add up to a specific total

Success Criteria:
- able to correctly add up a series of musical notes
- able to draw a series of notes that add to a specified total

Reading Term 2

WALT: use our chunking to work out tricky words 

" We can find the sounds like sh and fl on the page and blend them to make a word"

Writing Term 2

I am learning to

  • write a recount

I will know that I am successful when I

  • write my ideas in order

  • use time connectives (First, Next, After that, Finally)

  • add interesting words

  • Finish with a conclusion about how I feel or what I thought